Our Technical Team offer a wide breadth of application knowledge and experience, with the ability to make innovative designs that work even in the most demanding applications.

Working closely with Design & Production they are able to commercialise concepts to fulfil all of our customers’ requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. 

They are constantly looking for new and innovative raw materials, or new uses for old materials, which can be used in our new product development programme.  Our Technical department are also involved in process and quality optimisation programmes throughout the company, giving them an in-depth knowledge of all our products and processes.

In short our Technical Department offer a support service for existing products or a tailored development process to achieve a material fit for your specific application.

General Care of Ambla fabrics

All Ambla vinyl is designed to be easy clean.  The best way to keep Ambla looking as good as the day it was installed is to regularly clean it with a mild soapy water solution.  Used in conjunction with a soft brush or microfiber cloth Ambla will give you years of trouble free service.

Contamination with oils, fats, greases or inks & dyes should be avoided and should be removed immediately with mild soapy water.

Flame Retardancy

All Ambla vinyl used in transportation is formulated to meet a minimum requirement flame retardancy requirement of FMVSS 302.  Our expertise means we can use this as a base to design product which require more stringent flame retardancy specifications.

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