Environment, Social, Governance

Uniroyal’s approach to ESG

Uniroyal Global is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations and producing products with sustainability in mind. Our approach to improving sustainability is driven by our people, products and processes.


Climate stability
Our strategic plan includes the publication of a Carbon Reduction Strategy by the end of this year (2023). It will establish our baseline and improvements will be identified within the plan and implemented over the coming years.

Natural Resources –
We all benefit from having a Climate Change Agreement in place. This imposes the need to make year on year improvements with our Electricity & Gas usage per linear metre to ensure we realise this environmental and financial benefit. In 2021 all of our lighting was converted to LED lighting. In 2023 we will install 1GW of solar capacity. There are also ongoing investigations for further improvements such as EV charging points.

Innovation –
R&D are constantly looking to improve our offerings, working within UK/EU REACH / SVHC compliance. Investigating materials (old or new) that can be sourced from bio-based or carbon neutral feedstock. (See our road map).

Waste Management –
We are committed to recycling as much of our waste materials as possible. Last year we recycled 68% of our waste products, these included oils, solvents, PVC off cuts/trimmings, card, paper and metals and we continue to investigate new technologies in order to help us make further reductions to our waste streams.

We are ISO14001 compliant and have been since 2000 & monitor our suppliers of which over 90% are ISO compliant.

Sustainable PVC

Imvelo means…. 100% replacement of fossil PVC with non-fossil PVC. Greenhouse gas savings of more than 70%. Fully certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). Imvelo retains identical product characteristics as conventional PVC meaning it is highly durable. It is flexible with high performance and importantly it is recyclable.

The best part is, all of our Ambla ranges will be available in our Imvelo recipe, maintaining the quality you know with the environment at its heart.

Imvelo is ideal for environments where hygiene and cleanliness are important. We have developed a material which is formulated to kill Coronavirus within two hours and also protects against C. Difficile, MRSA, E. Coli and other harmful bacteria on its surface.


Human Capital Management
We optimise human capital management with our existing policies, principles and guidelines for both employee behaviour and company process. Our policies address: human rights, whistle-blowing, anti-bribery & corruption, diversity & inclusion, code of conduct & ethics and modern slavery. Our next target is to achieve ISO45001, ensuring we maximise all the benefits of the standard.


Our success and competitiveness is built on our ability to embrace diversity. All our employees are valued for their contribution regardless of background, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, orientation and ability.

Value Chain

It is our intention to create a workforce that feels involved, respected and connected to the success of the company.


We support our workforce in their development by offering skill enhancement, cross-training and recognised external courses ensuring employees achieve their full potential. We monitor and provide opportunities for feedback through employee appraisals and engagement surveys. 


Risk Management
The Company has a management structure/team responsible for managing the sustainability risks created by the Business. These include risks associated with Environment, Social and Tax compliance. Guidance is provided by relevant Policies, Procedures & Narratives. We have a Disaster Recovery Plan/Business Continuity Plan in place that identifies all potential situations that may disrupt the Business in some way.

We issue regular communications site wide to update our employees on any new information/monthly information. We also have monthly team briefs to communicate information.

Corporate Governance
The Management team is committed to a code of conduct with respect to Business ethics and Values when dealing with Customers, Suppliers, Stakeholders and Shareholders
Cyber Security – We have Anti-virus and Anti-intrusion protection systems.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption
We have policies that address anti-bribery & corruption of which employees sign their acknowledgement.


Our Environmental Strategy

In our continually evolving environmental strategy we have major projects in the pipeline to reduce emissions and replace the use of unnecessary VOC’s and solvents with water-based high performing alternative products.

Uniroyal Global Engineered Products and Uniroyal Global Limited – Committed to sustaining our environment.

Download our Environmental Policy | Download our Sustainability Policy

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