A Diversity of Production Systems

Market sectors and applications

Uniroyal Global Limited is a long-established supplier into the global automotive industry with an extensive range of products designed, developed and manufactured to meet customer process and performance requirements.

See product descriptions to view the material constructions of the products supplied and typical applications.

Our in-house design team has access to a vast range of grain, print, colour and surface effects, that are constantly evolving and increasing. Further trends are captured and expressed in our own concept work and exclusive designs developed from customers upon request.

Computer Aided Design systems allow fast creation and display of design innovation. ‘Drape’ software enables computer-generated designs to be shown ‘in situ’ in vehicle interiors before the expense of production is incurred.

A silicone cast surface-modelling system permits the transfer of material surface finishes – including leather and fabrics – onto vinyl foils for customer review before investment in tooling.

A diversity of production systems and equipment creates an extensive automotive product range. Product innovation in material structures and performance characteristics is led by an established Technical function. Hi-Loft and ASF (anti-squeak finish) are examples of product developments providing customers with cost reduction and material performance enhancements.

Quality Systems to meet the highest standards required in the exacting automotive sector have been developed and refined by a highly experienced management team.

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