ASF – Anti-Squeak Finish

Comfort is a major focus of attention by automotive manufacturers, who over recent years have directed their attention to the reduction / elimination of squeaks, creaks and rattles within their vehicles.

Uniroyal Global recognised this requirement and in 1998 initiated a development programme to study squeaking on vinyl surfaces, either to itself or when in contact with other materials, since at that time squeaks were being masked by spraying materials with silicone and other short term labour intensive techniques on OEM production lines.

Following an intensive development programme including the production of dedicated test equipment, we developed a product based on a unique manufacturing technology and exclusive coating formulation resulting in what we christened ASF. During the development, we assessed the performance of this new product whilst in contact with other materials such as leather, ABS and other trim materials and established that in a controlled test environment a typical noise reduction of 15dB was achieved where ASF was used in place of conventional vinyl. These results were verified by an independent source who stated that our results were “ Positive, leaving no doubt as to the effectiveness of the ASF treatment “

This product is now widely used by various OEM’s and in addition to the excellent anti-squeak properties, our ASF product also benefits from an attractive soft feel combined with anti-scuffing and easy cleaning, producing a luxurious effect that enhances the vehicle interior in particular when used in conjunction with leather.